1016 Residences - AMENITIES

Some of the facilities available in 1016 Residences include the following:

  • A lobby lounge
  • A city sports club Cebu with usage rights
  • Gardens that are properly landscaped
  • A roof deck
  • A play area for your kids
  • A swimming pool
  • A basket pool pitch

Some of the notable features

There are some noticeable features about the 1016 Residences. These notable features include the following:

  • Grohe and Kohler fixtures
  • A euro grade kitchen that has been made with a variety of hood.
  • Each and one of the residential units come with a Cebu city Sport Complex shares.
  • There are two telephone lines in every unit for residents to make use of.
  • A 100?ck up power has been made available just in case there is no security.
  • There is an inverted type air conditioning system which is available in each of the bedrooms in the units as well as the dining room and the living area.
  • There is a guest annunciator which also comes with a duress.

Details about the special units

  • There are two special garden units in the property. One of the gardens is a bi-level unit which also comes with a livable space. The garden units also feature an exclusive garden in which the owner can be able to use the way he or she wants. The other garden unit has a private patio which tends to overlook the beautiful garden giving a relaxing effect.
  • There are three bedroom special units which come with a parking lot that the owner can be able to make use of. The price range of this unit ranges between PHP 28m and PHP 45m.
  • There are also two unique three bedroom flats that come with a private terrace for the owner. This unit is very convenient if you are a party person or if you are an individual who is always holding events.
  • There are two special units with three bedrooms that come with a gourmet kitchen. There is also one particular unit that comes with a private roof deck.
  • There are two 3bedroom bi-level units also available. Two of these special units come with a roof deck. There is also a large livable area in the units. There is also a master toilet and bath whereby there is a double lavatory feature in each.
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